Women’s Squad

UEABCs Women’s Squad offers the opportunity to join a team that is dedicated and competitive. We pride ourselves by working together, being each other’s aid to push ourselves further, so we can maximise the effects of our training – helping us excel at every regatta and head race. As a squad we have an extremely high morale, making training not only enjoyable but also fun, where every member from the coxswain to the bowman plays a huge part in keeping the crews going.


This year we had some fantastic races, with boats reaching the final heats at Twickenham regatta, coming 1st and 2nd at Norwich Head on our home river the Yare and our senior crew placing 69th at WEHORR, whilst up against elite crews such as Oxford and Cambridge.


We continually strive for the feeling of euphoria at the finish line, knowing that alongside the 7 others in the boat, we have all worked as one and given our all, so we can wear our blue and yellow stripes with pride. Join UEABCs Women’s squad and you’ll be quickly propelled into a huge team sport, where we have already built the foundations for an extremely successful, competitive year.

-Lucy Rowe, Women’s Captain 2016/17