July 6, 2019

Men’s Squad

Senior Men

The UEABC Senior Men currently consist of 18 dedicated rowers. The squad train hard in the gym, in the erg room and on the water. Focusing on intense mileage and a lot of technical work coached through by Robert Weston. The squads top crew is the Men’s 4+, who recently saw wins at both Norwich Head and Peterborough Spring Regatta, also getting into the final at Twickenham Regatta. This season has seen a fleet of small boats acquired, these have been used thoroughly for the squad to train in and will be used more on a competitive level throughout next season.

The current summer break has seen three of our squad members progress through the GB start talent identification day at Caversham and have been invited back to the Caversham sculling camp in September.

On the back of a successful 2018/19 season a number of our squad members have graduated, those remaining are looking forward to stretching themselves and pushing their capabilities to make the 2019/20 season the best yet.

2018/19 Men’s Captain: Theo Hill

2018/19 Vice Captain: Callum Bland

2019/20 Men’s Captain: Callum Bland

2019/20 Vice Captain: Annie Stevens



Novice Men

The UEABC Novice Men are undoubtedly the highest performing part of the club. Coached from scratch by Robert Weston, the squad took 1st place finishes at Cambridge Winter Head, Carrow Cup and Peterborough Head through the first half of the year, closing off head season with a respectable 208th finish at HoRR.  Taking home three BUCS medals across the season (BUCS Head: Bronze MB8+; BUCS Regatta: Silver MB4+, Bronze MB8+) the squad has reached success the club hasn’t seen in over 7 years.

Going forward the club aim to reproduce this success in the 2019/20 season, targeting BUCS medals in the beginner category at both BUCS Head and BUCS Regatta.

With most of the 2018/19 Novice Men going forward to fill seats in the club’s top senior boats at the departure of their predecessors, the Men’s Squad should be in for even more success this season.

2018/19 Novice Captain: Callum Bland

2019/20 Novice Captain: TBA

BUCS Regatta 2019