July 6, 2019


24th June 2019, GB Rowing Talent Confirmation Day

After registering interest at BUCS Regatta 2019, three of our Men’s Squad were invited to a follow up assessment at the GB Rowing National Training Centre at Caversham. Namely: Zachariah Oglesby, Calum Jenkins and Oliver Barnes all attended the assessment day at the end of June. Taking part in ergo tests, and a gruelling test on the schwinn bike, all three athletes have furthermore been invited back to Caversham at the start of September for a sculling camp.

1st June 2019, Peterborough Spring Regatta

UEABC entered a Men’s Open 4+, a Men’s Open 8+ and a Women’s Open 4+. The Men’s 4+ was seeded into Band 3 and the Men’s 8+ was seeded into Band 1, the Women’s 4+ was seeded into Band 3.

The women’s four came second in their semi Final, just being beaten by Sheffield Hallam University. Unfortunately, the crew hit trouble in the final when a footplate came clean out, forcing the boat to stop and cross the finish line in last place.

The M4+ were optimistic with their Band 3 seed, feeling they had a good shot at taking the win in the final. The crew walked their semi-final, putting clear water between themselves and second place. Avoiding the repechage, the crew went straight into the final. Whilst wary of another four who had put down a better time in their semi-final, the M4+ were calm on the start line. Getting their canvas ahead by ten seconds into the race it was clear UEABC were going to take the win, crossing the finish line three lengths ahead of second place. The crew ended up recording the fastest time of the day, so would have stayed competitive in the Band 1 Mens 4+.

The highlight of the day and perhaps the year came in the Men’s Eight. Seeded into Band 1 the crew were sceptical of how they would perform. In the semi, UEA fought canvas to canvas from lane 4 to lane 1 against a strong Cambridge 99s crew, a crew who had beaten UEA by 2 seconds at Cambridge Autumn Head. After 1000m it was UEA who took a comfortable lead and went straight into the final. Sat on the start line for the final, it was clear UEA would have a fight on their hands. Sat in Lane 2, they had the 99s crew on their right and a very impressive Cantabrigian crew on their left. The race was bowball for bowball from start to finish, with UEA and Cantabs fighting to get their boat ahead, both crews leaving the 99s crew completely behind. With UEA a canvas ahead at 600m Cantabs made their push and UEA dropped down a couple seats, however UEA were the crew who wanted the win the most. Digging deep for the last 100m UEA crossed the finish line 0.3 seconds ahead of the Cantabs crew. As this was the last race for many of the crew, it meant a lot to the Men’s squad to take two first place finishes in one day.

Race Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q0E6SThwFVs