October 13, 2016



Training in UEABC

Those who have not rowed before can join our Men and Women’s “Learn To Row (LTR)” programme. The programme spans six weeks and is marked at the end with Cambridge Winter Head, which will be your very first race! This costs £60 plus your  subscription to SAM membership (see UEA website for more details). At the end of LTR you will then be invited to become a full member of the Squad which will require a further payment of £60.

More experienced rowers will be invited straight into our Senior Men and Women’s Squads which are professionally coached.  Full membership costs £120 plus your subscription to SAM membership, and this will cover all your training sessions and coaching over the course of the year.

Below gives a rough idea of what the Men and Women’s training looks like each week. 


We hope to see you in our squad very soon! 

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